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  • "The very practical and soft play mat in case of a fall."

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  • "It has everything to please and last"

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  • "Baby snug and super convenient to install, store and clean."

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  • "Reversible, foldable, waterproof and eco-designed."

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  • At the compromise mat! Tapilou revolutionizes the play mat."

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  • "The playmat designed by parents and loved by children."

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  • "Tapilou reinvents the children’s playmat. With its two sides, one sleek, the other more childish, this carpet appeals as much to the little ones as to their parents. "

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  • "The best large-format mat."

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  • "The story of this enterprising mother, who decides to create a carpet as she wished for her child. "

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  • "Tapilou, the clever play mat for playing from anywhere. "

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