Created in 2020, by Déborah, Tapilou is a French brand offering fun play mats for babies and toddlers and elegant mats for parents.


Tapilou's commitments:

Respect local and national craftsmanship.
Tapilou play mats are founded, designed and manufactured in France in order to support and maintain the local and national craftsmanship in France.

Uncompromising quality and safety
Tapilou play mats are entirely made in France and rigorously tested, to ensure the traceability of all materials, to ensure the conditions under which they are made and to guarantee the quality of the mats for young children.

Caring for the planet
The brand has chosen to manufacture the play mat in France in order to reduce sourcing and production time and thus limit its ecological footprint in order to take better care of the planet. Tapilou play mats are also designed to last over time, to grow with families and to be passed on.

Strengthening the link with our suppliers
More than suppliers, Tapilou has partners with whom the brand exchanges, discusses and thinks about new products that will be created. This is a privileged relationship, a daily link, and possible only thanks to the choice of French interlocutors.

Fun, discovery, wonder… for all children and parents.
Because all children should be able to discover the world of play on quality mats, ensuring their safety and respect for the planet, Tapilou charges a fair price..

Why you are going to love Tapilou ?

  Tapilou ensures the safety and well being of your children
Thickness of 2 cm, a composition guaranteed without chemicals or toxic products , a soft fabric that absorbs the small shocks of activities ... we have thought of everything !



  Tapilou fits into your interior decoration
Trendy colors carefully chosen by a French designer , timeless patterns… our mats have been designed to blend harmoniously into your home, whatever your taste. 


  Tapilou accompanies you from room to room and from place to place.
Reversible, folded and unfolded easily, quickly and in one piece, Tapilou accompanies you in all the rooms of your home, even when you leave for weekends, holidays ...



  A mark ? No problem !
Water, soap, a sponge… that's all you need to clean Tapilou.
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